(The article used extracts from the Scriptures everywhere protected authors' style MK) ,, was in Zugdidi Georgian eleventh day of April in favor of the idea of the university library of Zugdidi. In addition to the presentation of revenue, costs money left four tumanis ... ... It is a pity that the submission was not more than a living room. The Doctor came ,, "- remade in English Moliere play. As for the provincial scene was not too bad at all. Mmetadre women: uezdis nachalnikis nnatalia vakhramovisam wife, Countess Nina and Mary derazmordukisam purtseladzisam played rigianat "- This is an extract from the newspaper in 1868 ,, Times" printed the letter that according to the first performance held in Zugdidi. So begins a theatrical art of Zugdidi and the process is part of a whole country. AAR is a more theatrical performances early on, so the above date, 1868, is considered the beginning of the creation of professional theater in Zugdidi.

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