History (The article used extracts from the Scriptures everywhere protected authors' style MK) ,, was in Zugdidi Georgian eleventh day of April in favor of the idea of the university library of Zugdidi. In addition to the presentation of revenue, costs money left four tumanis ... ... It is a pity that the submission was not more than a living room. The Doctor came ,, "- remade in English Moliere play. As for the provincial scene was not too bad at all. Mmetadre women: uezdis nachalnikis nnatalia vakhramovisam wife, Countess Nina and Mary derazmordukisam purtseladzisam played rigianat "- This is an extract from the newspaper in 1868 ,, Times" printed the letter that according to the first performance held in Zugdidi. So begins a theatrical art of Zugdidi and the process is part of a whole country. AAR is a more theatrical performances early on, so the above date, 1868, is considered the beginning of the creation of professional theater in Zugdidi. Newspaper correspondence clearly shows the interest of the first performance, this is the period when the Russian Empire was symbolically lifted Samegrelo. Aware of the fact that a significant proportion of Dadianis cultural activities accounted for. Mmiukhedavad the fact that nowhere is mentioned Dadianis contribution in this case, the fact that the performance runs writer and public figure Anton Purtseladze that the government at the door pretty close to being the person was easy to assume that the cultural activities of the political Right, but still the site of the subtle chief Dadianis the crowd. In this event a few years, the regional different places, and in particular bandzasa sujuna staged in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice ,, "and ,, Moliere skapenis Pranks", the references to the newspaper ,, Times "(1875 BC. April), gives. Khuikh end of the century, in Zugdidi, an active theatrical life at the start of the news about the news published in various newspapers and books, as well as published scientific studies. Theater archives of the letters of the first persons, who belong to the people who personally commanded the theatrical activities in this period. Those letters were issued on the occasion of the 100 anniversary of the theater, and in 1968 the magazine shows that at that time there have been two different creative circle, they are independent of each other staging plays. 1897 Zugdidi students' performances on the information ,, Bulletin "gives such v.gunias vaudeville ,, hunter", the baiqu a.tsagarelis ,, ". ,, Municipal School held a Georgian teenager generation performance. . . We are pleased to note that the theater hall as well as plenty of people surged, was full. The whole evening went perfectly, because young people are desperate and observant playing, the public were beside themselves. Ddidi art and talent showed Mrs. Sonia Basilaia and chatia Darjania "(,, Bulletin" in 1897. 16 November). The letter focuses on the anniversary of the magazine author (unfortunately author's last name is not given, it is likely to be the theater of then-director, art critic, then-Georgian cultural elite of well-known and respected personality Alexander (Sasha) Egutia belongs. EC) and stresses that for the time being viewing is quite demanding and theatrical matters clear. Since 1998, the heads of the Zugdidi stsenismoqvareebs Nicholas Bukia. The author refers to Mr. Nicholas as a good mokartules, teatralsa and public figure, he set g.eristavis ,, divorce ". Fairly mokartulem Bukia ,, Nicholas, still a student (1898-99tsts) years, the charity has come g.eristavis ,, divorce comedy ". Representing opt kintiria Ms. Lukava carpentry workshop in the barn, in the performance participated Sonia journalist, Christine Darjania Vaso Getia, Peter Kedia, assistant Kakabadze and self depicting Nicholas. Submission of income to build the foundation for strengthening the reading room provided Zugdidi mshnebelta Commission. Shroud of fact, the performance EVENTS Zugdidi left open t.tokhadzis by one year before being brought typewriter. "Theatre archives reserved letter, which signature is not, but since Sasha Egutia letter of facts given consistently to match the author's trapped by the facts, the details and interesting story in his first performance in the training process, easy to assume that it belongs to Nicholas depicting. (With friends - Alexander Kakabadze and Peter Getia MK) ,, we went typography, he was placed, where the office is soiuzpechatis. Print shop owner and manager of Triphoni Tokhadze met. He is on the foothills. Poti Tughushi`s typography worked. Brought stanoki seal, which is still kept in Zugdidi printing, printed on the wedding invitation card and tirileb books and stationery. Had also subscribed to the newspaper and magazine Iveria trace. Mme stanoks familiar with printing and comrades: Kakabadze, Kedia and the Getia (Vaso Getia a letter to the author says, Vaso Getia open first knitting workshop zugdidshi.m.k.) Rushed in and started reading newspapers. Tokhadzem said to them: Now I read the newspapers, but since he can not subscribe to them, because I have a little ashemosavali and The Apprentice, will vistumrebo. Tokhadze comrades makes one think about the statement and began meeting: money and we davagrovoto gamovitseroto. Mme TELL performances better than the accumulation of money and we will put all the money in the Georgian-Russian newspapers and magazines, reading and reading gavkhnat me. Everyone liked it and asked me for my opinion I gametsia leadership. Mmkonda UN-play ,, divorce dispute "I thought his performance, only to find no clearly concerned about, especially the role of the Armenian. Vaso getiam declared Armenian on the role I'm gonna keep it, I was glad, and he decided in cells that play. "The letter tackle productions on women in question ,, women on stage at the lawless thought," That is why Nicholas Bukia trying relative women engage in this work, one of them is a woman Sonia Basilaia ,, Sonia journalist's family emoqvreboda my family, while Sonia's mother was a beautiful woman was photographed by the French, the Paris exhibition, as typical of the woman and the picture magazine kvalshi was published ... as soon as you give the parents permission to Sonya, and it was announced at the first rehearsal of the other parents started pleading with our daughters while daughters are allowed to participation, in a word ... gaicharkha case. . . Now the case was appropriate Hall money. Zugdidi there was no suitable hall, Ms. Lukava kintiria only had a joinery workshop newly built, photographer Sabakhtarashvili side. . . 18-20 meter length of the hall. . . We asked Ms. Lukava the studio one day and rented us 10 rubles. Tokhadzem printed posters for free. Vinatkhovret requisites, clothes, movatsqevt scene and staging the March 25 performance in the old style. Crowds gathered in the room and do not hold between half the people looked to the outside listening through the open windows. UES was updated. Zugdidi Georgian staged the first performance by the local stsenismoqvarulebis. "Aetqoba depicting Nicholas had no prior information about the plays. This performance again, as the letter stated, spectators at the request utamashniat sadukne hall, in the amount of 350 rubles to gadaunatsilebiat follows - ,, we bought a table, 6 stools, Enable Georgian in all the newspapers and magazines to trace, as well as Russian newspaper Neva and opened reading Tokhadze typography-printing. I think that we must emphasize the place where the author tells how he managed to get merchants to accept the help of MP happened to their membership fees to finance the operation of the reading room. D letter carving traders mood, I suggest reading room named after controversial ,, Tsereteli Reading. . . Unfortunately reading room is not affiliated with the merchants, they are more used to go and play backgammon and qavakhaneb entertained. Reading only the students and some of the young people were walking. L The letter described returnd activities until 1929. Anikoloz Bukia since 1904 sots.pederalistta deposited in the party and said that the notion of using the revolutionary and patriotic feelings among the people ,, saagatatsiod wake. Scene moqvareta circle composition changed. Aara local residents, the houses as it moved, I was answering a circle of new members of the play the role of the artist, living in a local community members participated in the joy and love of America. I apologize for the long story, and all lovers of the stage, who participated in my circle I can not remember, I will list only the princes, whose work was based on the government's work in the theater and stage directors to before and after: Women - Sonia Basilaia, k.darjania, m.gvichia, N. . Gegelia m.chikovani, v.kekelidze, v.kardava, k.kedia prompters, Lida Bojgua and others. Sons: n.bukia, Vaso Getia, Peter Kedia, Alexander Kakabadze, apalon Jiqia, Mack Kobakhidze, l.gugushvili. Dzuku chkholaria, Leo Chedia. Jora Gabunia, Domenti Kitia g.chelidze, i.kalandia, an.kvitashvili and more. Archives in another letter to p. Ardishvils, where she writes another returnd group activities, which at that time was headed by Lado Gvishiani. UES Group of performances runs in families, the house balconies, skheldakhelod stage arranged halls and shops. Llado Gvishiani the first spekatkli as this letter was given to the A. Kinto, ,, at that time women were reluctant to play on stage, that's why I have chosen to play the scope ,, Kinto "where one of the women involved in this role have invited al.dundua, who danced and sang well "the rest of the roles of performers who lists the author of the letter. Aaleksandre- a.eradze, ilia- e.kululashvili, Samson - s.gvishiani, Manu - s. Shengelia, geo A.Xucishvili, tatuza - c. Anteladze, Almaskhan - l.gvishiani. ,, Was going to play well, and the audience will be impressed outlets. Aamitoma was staged many times. ჲukravda Samtredia brought zurna - Thani command. Perfectly played the role of the artist Lado Almaskhan Gvishiani, many of the people with his appearance on the stage and the people atsinebda its graceful tamashit- Laughing and smiling at him. In the period from 1905 until this circle l.gvishiani ,, performances were staged in sadukne darabeb. Since 1905 the general assembly of the club in which it came to be geared to the reading of the building burned down in 1913 and in 1914 the club and the club moved to the top floor of the caravanserai Chedia building, which was held in the theater. After a summer theater built engineer Gabbana plan, the first of May Square, then turned in the theater building. . . I had been staged with the participation of up to 150 performances, and plays up to 40 points of the title. ჵpiesebi was often more patriotic and revolutsionuri ,, small Kakhi ", ,, Tamar Stealth", ,, stupid ", ,, hut", ,, decomposition ", ,, bread", ,, the devil thong ", ,, cigarettes" etc. ,, And a brother, "often vdgamdit. From 1906 to work in parallel with the second stage moqvareta circle sots.demokrati Party, led by Peter khelmdzghvaenlobda Meunargia. UES circle performances in the party bureau, a.pataraias home, as I remember 2-3 years. In addition, there was a private gymnasium pupils circle, rome.li of theatrical performances in the hall, as well as the tour moved often in rural areas. BBack


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